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NetFaresOnline (NFO) is a free web-based travel agent portal that offers a large selection of domestic and international consolidator airfares and hotel rates on a single "travel agent only" portal. Travel agents can compare fares, hold space, add mark-ups and apply payments on a net rate for air, hotels, activities, transfers, cars, etc.

NFO is operated by OpenFares Inc. a Montreal-based technology company providing end-to-end technology solutions to the Travel & Leisure industry since 1999.

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Get your B2B Booking Engine, help cut costs by automating time-consuming tasks, available for all consolidators and travel agencies.

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Get your B2C Retail Booking Engine solution, available for all travel agencies.

White label/low volume and custom/high volume solutions available.


Distribute your content to our NetFaresOnline platform, and reach external agents.

Distribute or consume content using our simple json APIs.